About Us

BODY FORM PHILIPPINES specialize in body shaping and body posture enhancement. We create body shaper that matche your body and built that will perfectly fit your posture.

First, we evaluate your body type before we proceed in applying our body form and custom girdles design. We assure that we make only the best body shape with the right design to your body type. This is one of the reasons why we are one of the  leading custom girdles and custom corset suppliers in our country. We have already gained reputation because of our trusted name in delivering quality body form products which are enjoyed by many people — from the masses to fashion enthusiasts, models, politics, and even big celebrities since 1960.

Here at BODY FORM PHILIPPINES, we supply custom  girdles,  custom corsets,  strapless,  binder,  waist trimmer, body braces and other brassieres such  as push up bra, minimizer bra, and super  size  bra. 

That does not stop there!

BODY FORM PHILIPPINES also offer our clients who have just undergone breast operation with a silicon bra  or special bra made especially for them. As we prioritize our client, even those who are in a delicate condition can comfortably wear our garments. Even those mother who have just given birth can enjoy our quality and customized design which is made for them to recover from their sagging skin caused by pregnancy and bring back their sexiness in a fastest way. Moreover, we assure that all our products will aid our client for their speedy recovery with our body shaper which is proven and tested to be 100% safe and effective.

We  specialize  in body shaping . See  the  result  upon  fitting!

At our office and branches, we gave our clients a  free  trial  to fir out products and compare, so they may see our huge advantage for our new design,  and see clients satisfied for their new sexy shape,  in  a  modern,  fashionable,  stylish  and  yet  more  effective  than  any  other  slimming products out there.

BODY FORM  PHILIPPINES is a trusted name from the past to present year and forever will be a reputable company that takes pride in its authenticity.